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April 22, 2014: Pointless Posts

I went through my old Tumblr posts today
Specifically from about April-July 2012
After that experience I considered deleting my account forever
But going back to all those juvenile posts brought back the nostalgia and I must say it was more pleasant than I would have thought it to be. I haven’t deleted it yet for that reason.
However I am having an issue with logging back into my account… Tumblr hasn’t logged me out on my iPhone/iPad thank heavens but it won’t let me log in on my PC, and it won’t let me change my password either, so, sad face.
I’ve been indoors for almost 24 hours due to preparations for my intro to Econ exam tomorrow. I considered going to a nearby cafe, but I realized it would just take an unnecessarily long time for me to get ready to go out in public without scaring little children, so here I am sitting at my desk. Can’t say it’s too cozy since it is a bit chilly up in here, but I would rather not have my electricity bills soar, when I already have a few lights on throughout the night everyday since I’m dreadfully afraid of the dark. I should really get a timed nightlight.
I should get back to fixing my chicken salad.

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my grandma gets the most excited when she tells me about Korean food recipes